Are you ready for more consistent revenue doing what you love—without all of the anxiety and comparison games?

Do you crave a place where you can voice your struggles and successes without judgement, and relax into a community of inspiring women building profitable businesses just like you? Are you hungry for effective marketing strategies—without being pitched one size fits all Facebook ads courses and Instagram methods (again)?

The AgenShe Virtual Mastermind is the transformative experience you need to step into 2019 with confidence and clarity.

You deserve to feel good in your business, and create consistent revenue without having to try every online course and “proven strategy” that social media influencers throw at you.

During The AgenShe Mastermind, you’ll develop a plan for creating authentic relationships that lead to consistent revenue… and get expert insights for focusing your marketing efforts (and budget). Running your business shouldn’t feel like an expensive guessing game.

4 weeks.
8 women.
1 proven method for growing the business you actually want.

Each week you’ll receive a targeted worksheet, take part in one group Zoom call to talk through your business and the process, and get one Live video training with me. That’s 2+ hours of live participation each week!

January 14th — February 10th
the comfort of your home or office
you, me, and inspiring women you’ll love!
only $397 if you enroll before Christmas!

The AgenShe Mastermind is right for you if…

  • You’ve started your business and you are ready to create more consistent revenue

  • You believe in prioritizing your own self-care, and are looking for ways to thrive while building your business

  • You’re willing to get raw and real (I’ll go first, promise) with the women sharing this experience with you

  • You’re here to grow and implement—not collect business cards

  • You crave a sustainable, nourishing way of running your business and more money

  • You feel overwhelmed with all of the strategies that social media “experts” say you have to do in order to be successful

  • You want an actionable strategy to help you achieve your goals

  • You’ve ever felt isolated or anxious about the entrepreneurial journey, and wish you could have an intimate circle of women who get it

Hunter services are so valuable to me, I have hired her twice now and OMG!!!! She is the absolute best! She always goes above and beyond my expectations. She is on BEAST MODE every time. Her work speaks for her, she really knows what she is doing and sincerely wants to help her clients be successful!

— Paulette Torres, ELITE Space

About The AgenShe

The AgenShe was founded by copywriter and marketing strategist Hunter Niland Welling. After a decade of crafting excellent strategies for women-driven brands in in-house positions and in her own agency, Hunter rebranded as The AgenShe. We help women grow their service-based business, without anxiety.

Hunter will be your guide throughout the Mastermind, helping you get to the heart of where your business is stagnating, where you’re wasting resources, and what you need to have the profitable 2019 you crave. Most importantly, she’ll help you release the worry and overwhelm that so often plagues our entrepreneurial journeys. You deserve to thrive.

Many people claim to be marketing “experts,” and they’re happy to tell you that using their course is the only way to be massively profitable… And if you try their method and it doesn’t work?

There must be something wrong with you.

Quite frankly, we think that sales tactic is gross. We call b.s. on the idea that you have to stick your business into any one framework in order to succeed. What you do need? Proven methods, clear goals, and an actionable strategy you actually understand.

More than anything, you need to create authentic relationships to create consistent revenue.

And that is exactly what we will lay the foundation for together.


Space is limited to 8 attendees in order to ensure intimate attention on your business and opportunity for deep connection.


  • 4 live video trainings to strategically shape your business and marketing strategy for 2019

  • Focused worksheets to guide you through the process

  • 4 group Zoom calls to give you a conversational format for working through roadblocks in your business

  • Private Facebook group to share your process and get valuable feedback from the rest of the community


Mastermind tickets are non-refundable, however they are transferable.


Most of the Mastermind will take place in a private Facebook group—including weekly live trainings. Additionally, we’ll have one group Zoom call each week so that we can all converse and share our insights together! Worksheets will be emailed to you at the beginning of each week.


Yourself, your comfy clothes, and your burning questions. You’ll need a laptops with a strong internet connection to participate. Bonus points for inviting your business bestie to come with you!


Because you’ll be in our treasured group of first attendees… and because pricing for our next mastermind will be increasing—so this makes smart sense for your business budget.