It's time to stack your executive suite.

The Exceptionelle CMO is the all-inclusive marketing service to keep your premium business booked out with high-end clients

“Hunter’s services are so valuable to me, I have hired her twice now and OMG!!! She always goes above & beyond expectations. She is on BEAST MODE every time. Her work speaks for her. She really knows what she’s doing & sincerely wants to help her clients be successful.” —Paulette T.

What would it be like to finally outsource all of your personalized, high-touch marketing so that you can be CEO (instead of exhausted employee)?

I’m willing to be that your vision for your business didn’t involve feeling overwhelmed by your marketing strategy, two months behind on Instagram, and stressed about empty space on your calendar.

You have an unrelenting desire to scale an influential, high-touch brand.

One that’s built on nurturing relationships, without sacrificing any of the personal touches that delight your clients. Your kindness and attention to detail are what you’re known for—like that time you texted a client the name of your lipstick she loved, then had it shipped to her front door. She’s returned twice, and referred her sister (which was worth 100 YSL Rouge Pur Couture Satin lipsticks).

Until now, outsourcing your high-touch, relationship intensive marketing felt impossible… and so you’ve run yourself ragged.

You feel more like an exhausted employee than a calm CEO. Welcome, babe. I’d like to invite you to meet your future CMO.

Hunter Niland Welling | your CMO
CMO · Chief Marketing Officer

For 11 years, I’ve crafted bespoke marketing strategies and high-performing copy for premium brands like yours. What I’ve discovered is that too many of my clients are running themselves ragged trying to do it all because digital marketing culture doesn’t understand their brand.

When your sales process is built on a high-touch, ultra personalized process, Facebook Ads mini courses aren’t going to book you out. And the VAs and social media managers you’ve tried bringing on to market your business?

They really haven’t taken the stress off of your plate. You need high-level, profit-oriented strategies, templates, and copy that your team can implement time and time again. You need a CMO.

When should I invest in a CMO?

When should I invest in a CMO?

Check the box if your answer is yes. If you answer yes to two or more of the following questions, you are ready to invest in a CMO:

  • Are you ready to be a CEO and elevate your profits and energy to their fullest potential?

  • Have you paid for marketing courses, assistants, or consultants but still feel overwhelmed?

  • Is your marketing plan scattered and overwhelming your to-do list?

  • Do you believe your company could be widely influential, but you feel too maxed out to lead it to growth?

  • Does your service create a positive transformation for your clients, and do you regularly receive stellar feedback?

  • Are you willing to take immediate action to quit your crappy job as an overworked employee and create beautiful, high-level impact as CEO?

  • Is increasing the quality, value, and experience your clients receive from your company important to you?

  • Are you getting less referrals, repeat customers, and reviews than you know the quality of your service deserves?

But what will you do for me as my CMO?

1. Monthly Meeting

Grab your latte, and check in for our monthly meeting. We’ll have a standing date where we’ll go over your company’s marketing to-do list for 20-45 minutes (longer only by your request—you have high level things to accomplish outside of our time together and I respect your time!), as I sort and prioritize your goals into profit-centric tasks.

2. Creative Execution

After you log off from our meeting to work with clients—or perhaps get a massage—I’ll spend the remaining workday (6 hours in total) bringing all of your marketing materials to life.

3. Full-Time Access

You receive unlimited access to me via Voxer. Messages are welcome 24/7. No extra appointments, expensive fees, or time wasted wondering which marketing opportunities make the most sense for your business. Have an assistant? The Exceptionelle CMO service includes Voxer access for 1 assistant, so that you don’t have to field your team’s marketing questions either. Bottleneck of delayed decisions, gone.

4. High-End Deliverables

During your once-per-month Creative Execution day, I’ll spend 6 hours creating bespoke marketing materials  just for you. All projects are prioritized with expert precision during our Monthly Meeting to ensure the maximal return on your investment. A selection of projects that will be completed for you may include…

•Texting templates for client follow-up

•Canned emails for nurturing your premium brand identity at every touch-point

•DM templates for converting Instagram leads into referrals and clients

•Web copy to attract and convert high-end clientele

•Onboarding and offboarding documents

•Referral and review requests to scale your business

•Bios for press releases and collaborations

•Search Engine Optimization and research for your website

•Surprise and delight gifting strategies

•Thank you templates (luxe e-card formatting to share with your team available)

•New team member onboarding documents

•Client thank you gift and follow up strategy

•Influencer outreach strategy

•Brand guidelines 

•Launch copy

•Sales pages

•Email campaigns

•Ad copy

•Webinar scripts

•Video scripts

•Lead magnet strategy and copy (Canva design available)

•Podcast pitches

•Marketing emails

•SEO-savvy blog posts

•Ongoing marketing strategy

•Social media strategy

•Instagram captions, hashtags, and strategy*

•Instagram stories templates and strategies

•IGTV scripts

•YouTube scripts

*The Exceptionelle CMO clients may select to receive full-service Instagram management (including posting, commenting, outreach, and analytics) at no additional fee. Please indicate that you are interested in Instagram Management when submitting your inquiry for details.

“Dearest darling Hunter, Creator of all things possible. I think I love you. You have singlehandedly changed my life. My process is not only faster than a speeding bullet but smoother than silk. My message is on brand, consistent and dang, I am able to book more biz.” —Nikki B.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you accomplish so much?

Quite simply, it’s what I do.  Creating exceptional marketing strategies and assets efficiently is my life’s expertise. I invite you to think about your work—the magic that inspired you to launch your business in the first place. Isn’t it amazing how your clients are blown away every time you do your thing? It’s incomprehensible to them that you can create such transformation so quickly. And it’s why they send you those emotional texts after the fact!

Marketing is my work, and quickly understanding which high-level actions and assets your business needs to become more profitable is the magic I bring to the table for you. 11 years of high expectations, premium clients, and sharp education come with me in every step of the process.

What if you don’t complete everything in 6 hours?

Each month, I will carefully prioritize the to-do list and projects you bring to me and inform you of the scope of what’s possible to achieve at the start of our meeting. My clients are always astonished at the amount of work that is accomplished. I design our time for the maximal benefit of your company, every time. If there are projects that exceed the time we have, you can rest assured that all of the most critical projects will be complete and that you will be presented with a plan to accomplish ongoing work in a subsequent month.

Your big vision and big needs are why it is essential for you to have a CMO on call—not a freelancer popping in and out for a few hours, without an eye for your larger strategy. Unlimited Voxer access for you and your assistant ensures that you have the sharp marketing guidance you need, all month long.

This is what it looks like to step into your CEO shoes.

My clients get exceptional service and experience exceptional results. What they share is a desire to impact lives through personalized service. Cookie cutter and bland don’t work for them
Whether I’m…organically scaling their Instagram presence from 2,000-16,000 highly engaged followers in 18 months, launching their first major influencer collaboration, writing a designer brochure to attract 6 and 7 figure clients, or putting together the perfect gift box for referral sources I am here to design premium experiences that get your company where it was meant to be. Even better? 
You can finally take a relaxing weekend off.


This is what it’s like to be the CEO with me on your team:


Your monthly investment includes:

•One 6 hour Creative Execution day each month, beginning with a Monthly Meeting ($2800 value)
Unlimited Voxer access to your CMO for you and up to 1 assistant ($975 value)
Expertly prioritized strategy and projects
•High-end, high-converting copy and marketing assets to grow your business
•All deliverables created
•Video replays of all meetings
•Project management system for managing marketing strategy ($300 value)
•Clear notes from meetings for your records and sharing with team members
•Complimentary access to full-service Instagram management to accompany strategy and caption creation* ($900 value)
*by request.

The Exceptionelle CMO provides you with over $4975 worth of services, for a simple and all-inclusive rate of $3300 per month.


SLIP ON YOUR CEO SHOES TODAY AND SAVE $500 PER MONTH plus I’ll fly out to take you to dinner. 🥂
Enroll by February 28th to get The Exceptionelle CMO for only $2800 per month.

“I just need to start of by saying holy *#@$!  You are absolutely amazing!!! I will definitely be looking to work with you in any way I can for the rest of my life!” —Amanda R.



Step 1: The Première Design Call

Schedule your complimentary Première Design phone call tour below. This is a 30 minute high-level session for us to design a personalized 30 day marketing strategy for your business. It’s your completely free way to elevate your profits and see my brain in action—exactly the caliber of up-front, no-obligation strategy you should expect from any CMO candidate.

Step 2: Your Invitation

After our Première Design Call, if we’re an excellent match you’ll be placed on the invitation list for The Exceptionelle CMO. 

The Exceptionelle CMO waitlist is now open to begin serving clients in January. Space is highly limited (like less-than-the-fingers-on-one-hand-limited), and invitations are first come, first served. Upon receiving your invitation, you’ll be able to secure your CMO services through a VIP link—a process that is simpler than booking your next massage appointment. 


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