How to manage your luxury service business with Airtable and Dubsado

How to use Airtable to Manage Your Business

Let’s be real… being your own boss is awesome, and also hella exhausting. (Can I get an amen?!) Because while we all have our own kind of magic we are oh-so-good at, the behind the scenes of running your own biz takes some serious attention. Staying organized, focused, and intentional is absolutely key to success, which is why I’m crazy about tools like Airtable* that make staying on top of your business easy as pie. 🍰 

My (Not So) Magic Trick for Staying Sane as a WAHM

Keeping up with your hustle is hard. Keeping up with your hustle while caring for a living, breathing, loud, and oh so needy (but oh so cute) human being is a near super human endeavor, not for the faint of heart. Just when you’ve landed that elusive call with a prospective client, shrieking will inevitably ensue from the other room. Power through to meet a deadline and you’ll probably get a box of Cheerios dumped on your floor. What’s a woman got to do to for a little peace, calm, and productivity around here? 

Thanks for asking. Meet my sexy, productive friend: Pomodoro.