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The AgenShe Club is your place to learn how to do business that feels better—while still making bank. 

It's time to reclaim your relationship with your business. With The AgenShe Club's weekly practices + strategies delivered to your inbox, you'll learn how to tune into your intuition, make bold changes to your business boundaries, strengthen your self-trust, and market yourself in a sustainable way.



Your membership includes…

-One weekly email containing a practice or strategy you can implement right away

-Monthly issue of Vermillion, our digital mini-magazine

-Access to the member's lounge with all past private content and magazine issues

-Special member's only perks, like early-access to upcoming workshops and offers, and 1:1 coaching sessions available at the exclusive member's rate


Membership is $22 per month. Join at the button below and get your first YEAR for just $22 (regularly $264).


This is a space for people building something extraordinary—but a little afraid that their pursuit of “extraordinary” is going to leave them fried. In fact, maybe you've put your journals, goal sheets, and ambitions on the shelf for a minute to give yourself time to breathe. Maybe you want to, but feel guilty taking the pedal off of the gas.

In 2018, I’d built the 6-figure agency of my dreams—except I had actually grown to resent it, was working 60 hours a week or more to keep it afloat, and was totally burnt out. Oops.

Which is how I found myself hospitalized with half of my body paralyzed, on bedrest for over 5 months as I tried to manage the chronic illness I’d gotten from being so intensely stressed for so long.

It took a lot of time, tears, and experimentation for me to rebuild The AgenShe into a business I felt good showing up for. Along the way, I began sharing my experience through weekly letters containing tips, strategies, and shifts I tried. 

Now, The AgenShe is a thriving coaching practice + marketing firm  that has exceeded any revenue goal I ever set before. Even more important, it's exceeded my quality of life goals.

I’m able to show up in intentional, low-energy-investment ways that honor my nervous system and desires. Nothing I teach is a “silver-bullet” or quick-fix. Everything inside of this membership, and in my private coaching, is a practice. That is, you re-orient yourself and your business, and you lean on these practices to keep returning to your center. 

Over time, you will re-negotiate and shift as your body and energy express new needs. Of course you will—you're building a business to support you as your living, breathing, fully human self. The practice makes the shifiting easeful.




ONLY $22

for your first year. Regularly $22 per month.


What's included in my $22 membership?
12 months of access to The AgenShe Club, including weekly emails, a monthly mini-magazine, and the member's lounge with a library of past practices + emails.

Will it automatically renew?
Yes, your membership will automatically renew at the regular price of $22 per month after the initial 12 month period. You'll receive an email  about your upcoming charges—as long as you haven't unsubscribed from my emails!

What kind of 1:1 support can I expect?

The AgenShe Club is a space where you strengthen your own intuition and capacity to practice the support you need, guided by the weekly resources I send you. If you'd like a more personalized experience or deeper care, I invite you to book a 1:1 coaching call. There's a button to book in each weekly email, as well as in the member's lounge. Note: these single session coaching calls are only available to Club members.