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Ease Ed. is organized into 4 Levels, each lasting 13 weeks. During those 13 weeks, you’ll get a weekly email and private podcast episode with prompts, trainings, templates, and resources to help you cultivate a way of organizing, relating to, and showing up in your business with more ease.

Everything I send your way will fall into one of the following subjects: 

  • Ease & Embodiment
  • Systems & Tech
  • IP & Expertise
  • Premium Marketing & Messaging


Then to get really nerdy with you, you’ll also get regular invitations to participate in Extra (Ease-y) Credit assignments based on what we’ve been talking about and get $20 in The AgenShe Credit. 


Yes, it stacks up. 

Yes, you can save it and spend it all in one place—even 1:1 offers.
Yes, you can get something like $350+ in The AgenShe Credit over the next year,  just by implementing some of the things I share that you were already going to try!


After 3 years of collecting dozens of replies to my membership emails, I know for sure that implementing what I teach creates a beautiful momentum and flow…

and I also know that actually implementing can fall to the bottom of your to-do list. So we’ve made it really fun to try new things (especially if you’re the kind of person who used to get really excited about school supply shopping, or loves giving yourself little treats to celebrate accomplishments). 


This is a space for people building something extraordinary—but a little afraid that their pursuit of “extraordinary” is going to leave them fried. In fact, maybe you've put your journals, goal sheets, and ambitions on the shelf for a minute to give yourself time to breathe. Maybe you want to, but feel guilty taking the pedal off of the gas.

In 2018, I’d built the 6-figure agency of my dreams—except I had actually grown to resent it, was working 60 hours a week or more to keep it afloat, and was totally burnt out. Oops.

Which is how I found myself hospitalized with half of my body paralyzed, on bedrest for over 5 months as I tried to manage the chronic illness I’d gotten from being so intensely stressed for so long.

It took a lot of time, tears, and experimentation for me to rebuild The AgenShe into a business I felt good showing up for. Along the way, I began sharing my experience through weekly letters containing tips, strategies, and shifts I tried. 

Now, I've taken the best of the best from my business experiments, and turned them into a one-year  series of lessons, strategies, and resources that you can use in your own business.

The AgenShe is a thriving coaching practice + place for business education  that has exceeded any revenue goal I ever set before. Even more important, it's exceeded my quality of life goals, one small strategy shift and evolution at a time… Because it's always evolving, just like my needs.

I’m able to show up in intentional, low-energy-investment ways that honor my nervous system and desires. Nothing I teach is a “silver-bullet” or quick-fix. Everything inside of this membership, and in my private coaching, is a practice. That is, it will be bumpy sometimes, but with the right skills you'll learn to re-orient yourself and your business, as you lean on these practices to keep returning to your center. 

Over time, you will re-negotiate and shift as your body and energy express new needs. Of course you will—you're building a business to support you as your living, breathing, fully human self. The practice makes the shifting easeful.

Welcome to Ease Ed.


What's included in my $7/month membership?
Your membership includes a weekly email with the core membership content (prompts, trainings, templates, strategies), a weekly private podcast episode, and an archive of past content that is updated once per month.

Will it automatically renew?
Yes, your membership will automatically renew at the regular price of $7 per month. You'll receive an email about your upcoming charges—as long as you haven't unsubscribed from my emails!

You can cancel your membership any time by emailing “Cancel” to at least 14 days before your next billing date. 

Why would you share this with us for $7/month instead of making it a premium course? 

Who's to say it won't be my next course, book, or $$$$ thing down the road? I believe in sharing generously in the ways that I'm able, and I believe in getting paid to create business-changing content.

If you want a peek inside of my lab, where I develop trainings, IP, and assets I can use throughout my business… Your curiosity is welcome too 🙂