in depth trainings on high-impact, high-profit business strategies for ease-loving humans




School of Simplicity is a collection of 5 all new high-level classes and resources designed to help entrepreneurs create more profit with simplicity and ease through tangible skills building and powerful mindset shifts. The debut Fall 2022 semester of School of Simplicity includes trainings on…

*How I use Typeform to quickly create high-end  “sales pages” that go way beyond the Google Doc (plus client applications, testimonial requests, and group coaching opportunities)

*6 Major (Profitable) Business  Moves I've made—and the way I think about decision making, so you. can apply them to your unique situations

*How to turn the expertise that already lives in your brain into high-ticket packages that sell even in today's market

*The low-ticket membership strategy that complements your high-end brand, so you can get paid to grow your list and warm up your leads

*A quick, easy, and elegant sales page writing process so you can launch your next thing without wondering what to say. (Includes a live copy clinic to make your sales page shine!)

…Plus, choose All-Access Tuition to get 3-months of access to The Ease-y Hotline™️, a 24/7 digital hotline you can use to ask me questions about class, get implementation support, and customize your School of Simplicity experience with on the go coaching. Answers are delivered via standalone private podcast episodes (you'll be kept anonymous!) so you can learn from the questions that are relevant to you, and skip the rest.

Class No. 1

High-ticket typeform training

High-ticket typeform training

A live masterclass with replay September 2, 2022 11:00 A.m. CENTRAL

Want to know how I go from big idea to launch quickly—even with $10,000 services? Typeform is my secret weapon, allowing me to whip up high-end “sales pages” that double as lead qualifiers and applications in just a few minutes. If you want to do something more polished than sell out of a Google Doc, but still want to keep things light and easy, this training is for you. You'll get play-by-play trainings and exact templates you can swipe for…

  • Sales “pages” 
  • Client application forms
  • Testimonial request forms

And I'll share a behind the scenes look at The Hotline, the 24/7 coaching and resource request line available to my Steady Inquiries Mastermind participants. (Yes, it's entirely built in Typeform!) 

Class No. 2

Tipping point: 6 profitable business moves

Tipping Point: 6 Profitable business moves

A behind-the-scenes private podcast airing september 20, 2022

A simplicity-driven business requires flexibility, a willingness to experiment, and the cultivation of decisiveness and self trust. In Tipping Point, a private podcast series, I'll take you behind 6 major business moves I've made, walk through the costs and benefits of each one (even the ugly parts), and give you an inside look at how I make big, profitable business decisions.

Class No. 3

Expensive expertise

Expensive Expertise

A live masterclass with replay october 11, 2022 1:00 p.m. CENTRAL

Want to know how I mine my clients' brains and brands to create irresistible $20k+ packages they can sell with ease? It's actually not some magical secret—just a straight forward methodology honed over my 14+ year career in luxury marketing and business development. In Expensive Expertise, I'll share my methodology with you so that you can find the parts of your expertise that are worth $$$$$… then confidently communicate them in your new offers, marketing, and sales conversations. 

Includes an Expensive Expertise Playbook for taking the ideas already living in your brain and brand and turning them into your next (deliciously expensive) Big Thing. 

Class No. 4

low-ticket membership, high-end brand

Low-Ticket Membership, High-End Brand

A live masterclass with replay october 25, 2022 11:00 a.m. CENTRAL

A thing you need to know about me is that I like to be compensated to create. Which is excellent, because my best-fit clients actually love to pay me for my content! In fact, so many of the Ready-To-Invest clients hanging out in your audience would rather pay you to curate your knowledge and nurture them than spend weeks wading through free content. 

Enter the low-ticket membership, my favorite lead gen and audience nurturing tool for turning lurkers into premium customers. I'll take you behind the scenes of my two low-ticket membership experiments (the now retired The AgenShe Club, and the currently active Ease Ed.). You'll get to see real stats around what's working, what isn't, what helped grow my memberships the most, and where I've seen the most ROI. 

Includes a Playbook for creating your own profitable, list-building low-ticket membership, a monthly upkeep checklist for keeping things running smoothly, and a swipe file of my favorite low-ticket membership examples. 

(Fun fact: when deciding whether or not to invest in one of my 4-5 figure offers, most of my new leads signed up for my membership to “test me out” first!)

Class No. 5

split second sales page system

Split Second Sales Page System

A live masterclass with replay november 10, 2022 11:00 a.m. CENTRAL and live copy clinic November 17, 2022 11:00 A.m. CENTRAL

The Split Second Sales Page System was originally created for my Delicious Virtual Offer students, and quickly became their favorite part of the course. You'll get my flexible, effective sales page template, a live masterclass that will teach you the Why and How of an elegant, interesting sales page that gets people to buy, and a live copy clinic to go over your new sales page and give it a full polish. Since sales pages are an essential part of everything you sell (whether you whip up a web page, Google Doc, or Typeform!), this is a training you'll use over and over. 




for on the go implementation support for just $500

When you choose All-Access Tuition, you'll get all 5 classes ($625 value) plus 3 months of access to The Ease-y Hotline™️, a 24/7 digital hotline you can use to send me questions, get support as you implement the trainings, and customize your School of Simplicity experience. All questions are answered via a standalone episode in our private School of Simplicity  podcast, so you can jump straight to the episodes you need and skip the rest.  (Yes, this is the same on-the-go hotline coaching experience that Steady Inquiries Mastermind participants get, and it's such a high-value / low-energy way to get coaching!)

The hotline opens September 2, 2022 and closes December 2, 2022. Participants are invited to submit any questions they have about Classes, streamlining their business, and creating a premium brand.

($1050 value)


What's the cost?
School of  Simplicity is $500 for all 5 classes + 3 months of Hotline support as you implement the classes, or you can enroll in a single training for $125.  

On August 25th, the cost will increase to $250 per class and All Access Tuition will no longer be available.  

Do I have to attend all the trainings in School of Simplicity? What if I just want one?
You get to choose what works best for you! When you click on “Enroll Now” you'll get the option to enroll in the trainings a la carte, or get the All Access Tuition for the entire semester. If you enroll in the whole semester now, you'll save $125… so it's kinda a no-brainer in my book! 

Can I get these trainings anywhere else?
School of Simplicity is brand new, and none of these trainings are available anywhere else! (Exciting!) However, Steady Inquiries Mastermind participants get free tuition… and if you join Steady Inquiries after enrolling in School of Simplicity, you'll get the cost of your tuition credited to your first payment.

What if I can't attend live?
No problem! Recordings will be sent out within 48 hours of each live training, including a video and podcast option to suit your learning preferences.  You'll also have a chance to pre-submit questions if you know you won't be there live.

What is The Ease-y Hotline™️?
The Ease-y Hotline™️ is a digital question line you can access 24/7 to get tailored coaching, ask questions in between classes, and get customized support as you implement what you're learning. (Yes, it's built in Typeform, and you'll get a training on that, too!)

Answers are delivered via private podcast episodes so you can learn on the go, allowing me to provide high-impact coaching and support to a large group—while keeping School of Simplicity accessible and low-energy. (The Hotline has been a favorite feature of Steady Inquiries, and I'm excited to bring it out of that container and to you!)

What if I want more ongoing support? 
Join Steady Inquiries! Tuition to School of Simplicity is included, and it's the only way to get my ongoing 1:1 support this year.