Recurring intensives

Get the power of recurring revenue with the easy schedule of intensives

Want to know why I know this can work for you, too ? 

First off, I'm a regular ol' human so… there's that. 😉 

And then there's the fact that my client Susan Boles was so in love with my process from the client standpoint that she changed her retainer offering into a recurring intensive. We talked all about that on this episode of her podcast. Or that at least 2 of my students booked sales calls for their own recurring intensives before they'd even finished the entire training.

In this workshop you'll figure out what your recurring intensive should be, how to run it behind the scenes, and how to prevent sticky client situations and scope creep before it happens. 

What people are saying


easy to consume and implement training

Predictable availability and revenue—finally!


READY TO add $$$$ per client to your bottom line every month?

👉 Then I'm going to hand you my swipes and templates so you can put it in action from day one.

You'll get to look inside my (really high-converting) sales process, see how I manage my clients, and get the framework you need to create a successful recurring intensive offer.

This has been the best way to add $10k+ of recurring revenue to my bottom line, while needing 90% less sales calls than when I ran traditional VIP Days.

you'll get...

🤍  (2) recorded in-depth video trainings where I share everything you need to know about creating, managing, pricing, and selling your recurring intensive

🤍 Private podcast version of trainings to listen on the go (great for busy client days and #parentlife)

🤍 Planning workbook to help you start ideating your next offer

🤍 Client dashboard template to create a high-value experience

🤍 Email swipe file for the lead application process, sales call follow up, and client onboarding

🤍 Sales proposal template to inspire your own high-converting proposal

🤍 New! Bonus module: 35 minute behind the scenes video session where I show you the inner workings of The Exceptionelle CMO, my recurring intensive offer. 

Hey, i'm hunter - chief marketing officer to high-end service providers

In 2019 I reinvented my business with a recurring intensive offer, The Exceptionelle CMO.

Once a month, I meet with my clients to establish their marketing strategy, prioritize the projects they need to make it happen, then I get to work making it all happen.

At the end of the day? I log off and get back to my life (and the rest of my business)

Since fall 2019, I've helped my clients land major brand sponsorships, 2x their revenue goals, and run 5- and 6-figure launches. 

All from one day of my time per month. 

And for the first time, I'm giving you the chance to learn how to create a successful recurring intensive that benefits your business while helping your clients achieve incredible transformations.

Ready for this?

A few more fun facts about me & why I'm obsessed with creating a low-energy business:

1. I'm a 🌱 plant mom, 😻 cat mom, 🐶 dog mom, 👧🏼 and human mom!
2. I've been self care-giving through chronic illness for 20 years
3. I'm #actuallyautistic + ADHD (wild ride of a combo, my friends) and know how important it is to have work that flows *with* your energy and attention
4. I'm the income-earner for our high-needs family, so creating wealth is non-negotiable
5. My work is devoted to creating sustainable, generative wealth and value and disrupting inhumane capitalist norms
6. Before I started this biz, I had a professional home organizing business. I love that my business experience didn't start in the online business world so I can have a larger perspective.

How about you? Why do you want this?

What people are saying

She booked her first sales call after watching video 1—and then kept going!

Promoting herself to fractional CMO with confidence



Take a look inside

– Flexible instruction modules to fit your learning style

– Intensive, to-the-point workshops that will help you master this business model in under 3 hours

– Zero-fluff worksheets that will help you quickly generate your idea and market it (print them out, or type in them on your laptop)

– New! Bonus module: Behind the scenes in-depth tour of my recurring intensive, The Exceptionelle CMO, to inspire your own offer creation


How will i access the Course?

When your purchase the Recurring Intensives Workshop, you'll get an email prompting you to login to the student site! The workshop videos, swipes, and templates are all located there.  Plus you'll get access to the private podcast version of the trainings!

What Kind entrepreneurs of is this for?

This workshop is designed for 1:1 service providers who already feel confident in the quality of their work, but want to start leveraging their expertise into higher revenue. Particularly if you've already had your eye on offering VIP days, intensives, or day rate services—and want to reduce your lead gen / sales call needs by 75-90%.  

And because knowing who this *isn't* for is just as important—this isn't a good fit if you run a  product-based business, or if you're a service provider who is just starting out and not confident in your work yet.

what all is included when i enroll?

  • 2 video workshop recordings (each is 60-90 minutes long)
  • Email swipes you can use for your own application, sales, and onboarding process
  • Workbook for figuring out what you want to sell
  • Templates for your sales proposals and client dashboard
  • Private podcast version of the trainings if you prefer audio over video

will there be any 1-1 time or q & a time?

The recorded workshops include Q&A sessions from when I taught these sessions live (there's so much good stuff in there!). You'll get to learn from the questions of entrepreneurs just like you.

This workshop does not include any live access to me or Q&A time—however you can book a 1:1 consulting session to refine your recurring intensive  with me at checkout (or if you choose to wait, you can do so from the sidebar in the course site, or by emailing

Still on the fence ?
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