premium rates on repeat

recurring intensives

ONLY $11

sustainable revenue growth without burnout

Premium Rates on Repeat gives you an inside look at my recurring intensives business model.  You'll learn how I built this business model to get all of the perks of VIP Day Intensive offers, like…. 

  •  *No retainers
  • *Not being on call all the time
  • *Clear boundaries  / focus

Without the downsides a sales cycle that can be just as exhausting as the retainers you wanted to get out of. 

I’m sharing my personal experience creating my recurring intensive offer, The Exceptionelle CMO. 

This is one of the best shifts I’ve made to turn the business I had into the business I want.


You'll get 1 full year of access to…

– A 20 minute deep dive class that takes you behind the scenes of my own recurring intensive offer, The Exceptionelle CMO—no holds barred

-Recurring Intensive Idea Generator Workbook to help you create an offer that works with your existing brand equity + client base

– A private podcast version of the training for listening on the go