Every offer in this edit was created (and curated) to generously support your business and your personal wellbeing. As entrepreneurs, our lives are entangled with our businesses. Most of the conversation we see around “work/life balance” refer to separating work out of “life.” What does that even mean? Can you stop living? I see a different reality for us: there is no way to take the living out of the working, or vice versa. These offers, therefore, are designed to guide you to balance in the sense of harmony: where life and work each generously support one other.



I currently offer 4 ways for us to work together: 

1. An intimate, 1:1 coaching experience
2. An all-inclusive done-for-you marketing service
3. An on-demand  training on my signature business model
4. An accessibly priced private membership for deepening your practice of a “balanced” (that is life-giving and allowing) business

Wander through until you find the one that says, “Oooh, yes pick me.” It will find you. And if you'd like a bit of guidance? White glove service to guide you (via an email chat or Fitting Call) is available at the button below.


INTUITIZE is a 3-month private coaching container expertly designed to tangibly transform your business to fit your energetic capacity. Designed for service providers who want to take exquisite care of themselves and their clients.

You’re ready for INTUITIZE when you feel the tug to do something more with your business… but even the thought of the word “more” makes you queasy inside.


The Exceptionelle CMO is my signature done-for-you marketing service. Perfect for multi-six-figure service providers who want to scale their revenue while maintaining their high-touch, high-quality business model. Structured as a Recurring Intensive, we'll meet once per month to set your strategy and align your goals. Then you'll log off, and I'll put all of your marketing deliverables together for you. Includes VIP Voxer access for you and a team member. Investment begins at $3,000 per month. Minimum commitment 6 months. Limited to a small  number of clients per year, all spots currently filled.


Are you a 1:1 service provider who is really tired of being on call all the time for retainer clients? …But the sales cycle of Intensives/VIP Days hasn't actually freed up your time and energy? Learn how to get 4-5 figure clients  booked in for regular, recurring intensives so that you can have that short/well-defined work day without needing to a ton of sales calls or lead gen.


The AgenShe Club is a membership that will help you create a kinder relationship with your business. Receive weekly practices, journaling prompts, and strategies that will help you design your business boundaries and offers with intention. This membership is designed to honor and support your energetic capacity. You'll receive 1 weekly email and a monthly mini-magazine that you can consume on your own schedule. No more calendar clutter or showing up to calls that weren't what you needed to move forward. This space was meant for you. Membership is $22 per month. Special! New members can get their first year for just $22 at the link below.

Every service is


Lean in so I can let you in on a little secret: I believe deeply in the value of luxury. This is the magical spell of luxury (that is, its definition): “the state of great comfort and extravagant living.” What does that definition feel like in your body? Every cell in mine thrills with delight, then settles into rest and acceptance. It's delicious. Perhaps this is the time that I should confess that my vision for all of us utterly betrays the myth of capitalism. I don't want your business to be only a way to survive—I want it to be a magnetic tool for the thriving of you, your team, and your community. Yes, it's a little rebellious, but I dare to believe this for the both of us: our businesses will be extravagantly successful. In tangible terms, luxury in my offerings looks like gorgeously clear boundaries, generous support, and all-inclusive delivery so you're never wondering what you're going to get. See? Doesn't that feel good to receive? It feels simply incredible to give.