Every offer in this edit was created (and curated) to generously support your business and your personal wellbeing. As entrepreneurs, our lives are entangled with our businesses. Most of the conversation we see around “work/life balance” refer to separating work out of “life.” What does that even mean? Can you stop living? I see a different reality for us: there is no way to take the living out of the working, or vice versa. These offers, therefore, are designed to guide you to balance in the sense of harmony: where life and work each generously support one other.


111 Work Day calendar

Want to see The AgenShe's actual 111 Work Day Year calendar in real time? Get instant access to our calendar on your favorite device so you can see how we're batching our days, scheduling programs, and making time for rest in our second 111 Work Day Year.


A free class to make your business financially and energetically sustainable as you grow. I’ll walk you through my Ease Equation, a framework you can put all your offers through to evaluate their ability to scale with you without causing burnout. This class is specifically for you if you are a service provider and want to scale, increase revenue, or increase the number of clients you serve while reducing your own effort and energy output.

Recurring intensives idea generator

If you’re a service provider, coach, or consultant who has been playing with the idea of creating your own VIP Day or Intensive offer, but you’d love to keep the stable cash flow of recurring revenue you need this free Idea Generator workbook. You’ll get a step-by-step process for creating your own Recurring Intensive (a VIP Day on repeat with your best clients) that works with your existing brand equity, client base, and skill set. No burning everything down and starting over required (even though it’s been on your mind).

CHOOSE WHEN: you want to add premium revenue (5-6 figures per year) to your business *without* a large audience or lots of sales calls.

evergreen instagram strategy: behind the scenes

At the beginning of 2022, I quit posting on my Instagram feed and put up 12 evergreen posts. Grab this planning doc to see how I planned each of my 12 posts. I show you what's working well, what needs to be optimized still, and what's happened with our account engagement thus far.

The classics

Steady Inquiries Mastermind

A curated 12-month mastermind experience for anti-capitalist leaders creating more sustainable businesses that express their values.

Steady Inquiries will guide you to approach business-building from a place of curiosity and connection. This mastermind operates under the premise that as we tend to our own inner capacity to be with challenging parts of ourselves, and interact with challenging questions from others in a safe-enough environment, we tap into our capacity to create steady inquiries in our business. Yes, I mean clients and cash. This is business, and generating abundant cash flow is an essential part of sustainable success. 

Designed for people with busy schedules and low energy to get incredible support and value. Cohorts are limited to 8 people to ensure abundant time for every participant during calls, and creating a greater sense of community within your group.

Next enrollment begins in Spring 2023, waitlist currently open.


Easeful expansion VIP WEEKEND

A strategic reinvention of your business that will add revenue and ease to your offerings, support you as you reimagine the way you do business, and strategically elevate the clientele you attract. Takes place during a luxurious, all-inclusive weekend vacation where you'll experience exquisite food, gorgeous art-filled accommodations, and a bespoke itinerary that will leave you feeling completely relaxed and inspired as you step into this new expansion. It’s one of the best investments you can make in the sustainability and profitability of your business… and it's a beautiful getaway too.

Afterwards, you'll get an easy to use document you and your team can use to edit, shift, and streamline your offers so that they’re a great fit for the ready to invest clients already in your audience.

5 spots available in 2023.


INTUITIZE  is a gently paced private coaching container expertly designed to tangibly transform your business to fit your energetic capacity and attract your best fit clientele. Intended for service providers who want to take exquisite care of themselves and their clients.

You’re ready for INTUITIZE when you feel the tug to do something more with your business… but even the thought of the word “more” makes you queasy inside. It's time to make things sustainable, strategic, and intuitive so your business finally works for you. It's time INTUITIZE.


Premium, presto! website audit

Premium, Presto! is a 20-minute custom recorded audit that gives you personalized, actionable feedback for improving your website so that it attracts more ready to invest clients. Includes suggestions for improving the messaging, user experience, branding, and strategy behind your website so that it gets you the results your body of work deserves. 

Courses & workshops


A series of all new classes to help you go premium with ease, while making your business simpler than ever. Includes live master classes, private podcast trainings, and the option to upgrade for ongoing coaching and support the entire time School is in session.



Are you a 1:1 service provider who is really tired of being on call all the time for retainer clients? …But the sales cycle of Intensives/VIP Days hasn't actually freed up your time and energy? Learn how to get 4-5 figure clients  booked in for regular, recurring intensives so that you can have that short/well-defined work day without needing to a ton of sales calls or lead gen.


Want an inside look at how our team created a 111 work day year for 2022 (less than half of the typical U.S. work year)? In this workshop, we share why we decided to make this our 2022 experiment, how we pulled off the planning and strategizing, and what offers/revenue models we’re using to make this feasible.

Includes access to our planning templates and sample calendars for you to create your own lightened work year—111 days or not.


Delicious Virtual Offer is a self-paced program for service providers who want to create, build, launch, and market their next online offering with ease and expert strategy backing them up. Broken into 4 modules that you can implement in just 4 weeks, you’ll get everything you need to create an offer that supports your high-end brand, and taps into the ready to invest customers hanging out in your audience already.

Whether you’re an in-person service provider (professional home organizer, wedding planner, etc.) new to the online space, or an experienced online business owner (brand strategist, copywriter, social media manager) this course has a proven track record of getting your next idea out of your brain and into the world making $$ with ease.


Get a no-holds barred tour of my own Recurring Intensives offer, The Exceptionelle CMO, with insights into what I’ve learned while delivering this service in this 20-minute master class.  You'll learn how to get all of the perks of VIP Day Intensive offers, like no retainers, clear boundaries, less calls, and fewer deliverables….

…without the exhausting sales cycle that normally comes with VIP Days. Includes access to the Recurring Intensive Idea Generator workbook, a private podcast version of the training for learning on the go

Ease ed.

52 bite-sized weekly lessons to make your business more financially and energetically sustainable, delivered via email and private podcast. Includes some of my favorite strategies, templates, swipe files, and resources for make your business thrive with more ease.

Every service is


Lean in so I can let you in on a little secret: I believe deeply in the value of luxury. This is the magical spell of luxury (that is, its definition): “the state of great comfort and extravagant living.” What does that definition feel like in your body? Every cell in mine thrills with delight, then settles into rest and acceptance. It's delicious. Perhaps this is the time that I should confess that my vision for all of us utterly betrays the myth of capitalism. I don't want your business to be only a way to survive—I want it to be a magnetic tool for the thriving of you, your team, and your community. Yes, it's a little rebellious, but I dare to believe this for the both of us: our businesses will be extravagantly successful. In tangible terms, luxury in my offerings looks like gorgeously clear boundaries, generous support, and all-inclusive delivery so you're never wondering what you're going to get. See? Doesn't that feel good to receive? It feels simply incredible to give.