INTUITIZE is the space where you will turn the business you have into the business you want. 

A 3 month private coaching container expertly designed to tangibly transform your business to fit your energetic capacity (and, to be honest, your audacious dreams). With deeply supportive access to me, focused sessions, and a careful construction to ensure this is a transformational investment that protects your energy… this just might be exactly the support and care you've been hoping for.

Together we will reimagine the way you do business so that you are generously supported—financially and energetically.

You're ready for INTUITIZE when you feel the tug to do something more with your business… but even the thought of the word “more” makes you queasy inside.

(pssst…. if you're a details person, or on the go and don't want to lose this page, download the full tour below. It has all the details you need to move forward in one convenient booklet)

Relaxed Timelines

& More profits

“I was surprised at just how quickly you understood me, my personality, and that you were able to immediately adapt your insights and coaching to fit those things about me.

I've gotten completely comfortable with NOT having a specific timeline to accomplish something, which is HUGE for me. You helped me personally adjust to my new life with two kids in a way that had me happy about my business and not feeling guilty about not working on it or annoyed about working on it. And from that place, I've been making more money and been happier about my direction.”

-Meghan McCanney, Copywriter & Brand History Consultant

You don't need more stuff to do.

You need a new way of navigating the world that will put you and your needs first. After all—you’re the CEO.

This is for sure, though. You don't want to start from scratch… or try to cram your business into someone else's framework/template again. 

So what are you going to do? Business as usual doesn't feel great (or even sustainable) anymore. 

Happy clients? You’ve got them. (although you’re afraid you’re about to start dropping the ball on them if something doesn’t change…)

Ideas? You’re on fire. Maybe even have *too* many.

Energy to make it all happen? Umm… not quite.



I’m Hunter and in 2018 I’d built The AgenShe into my dream 6-figure marketing agency—or so I thought.

In reality, I’d created a business that was so out of touch with my own energetic capacity that I wound up hospitalized, developing a chronic illness, and bedridden for 5 months.

(And it wasn’t the only time I’d find myself in the over-giving + under-nourished + totally over it state of mind.)

How did I get there?

By doing all the right things, and listening to everyone except for myself.

And while I wish (for your sake) that this was a unique to me sitch, I’ve been around the block enough times to know it’s not.

I’ve spent the last 6 years learning to navigate my capacity and revenue goals, developing strong practices that can see me through—and helping my clients do the same. Keep reading to see if this is the next step in your journey.



What if you had a space where you could…

  • Strengthen your intuition
  • Receive smart, strategic business advice
  • Align your business to match your energetic and financial needs
  • Create the business YOU want (not that course, coach, or colleague)


And what if you could do it all with…

-No one-size-fits-all blueprints that don’t fit your lived experience.
-No more staying up all night slogging through to create content.

-No more carrying your [mom, dad, partner, coach, best friend]’s baggage on your journey.

You can have that.
You can trust yourself and transform your business into something that feels good to run.

CEO Capacity will guide you there.


Monthly revenue goal with ease

“I’m already nearly at my monthly $$ goal in only 3 months with the new offer we created—and I’m finally doing work that delights me AND is easy to deliver. 

Before our work together, I spent most of 2020 developing every offer I could conceive of… I had so much to sort through between what I wanted to do, what I “could” do, and what I was good at but didn’t want to offer anymore… It was all over the place.

Every hope I had for our work together was met—and for someone as colorfully imaginative as me, that is a huge win (especially in the online business world).”

-Megan Dowd, Brand strategist

After my burn out, I felt like i was holding an invitation to shift everything.

And I had a medical mandate for making the way I did business stress-free and simple.

So I spent those 5 months in bed reinventing my business model, learning how to take care of my body, and getting into a healthy relationship with both myself and my business.

(I should mention I had a kid to feed + mortgage to pay, so I understand reinvention while needing cash flow)

What I learned during that season changed everything for me.

It’s when I broke up with “shoulds” and created the best + most ease-filled iteration of my business yet. That doesn't mean I've kept doing business the same way since that season, or that I have a one-size-fits-all framework to hand you.

Honestly, that approach is part of what's gotten us all into this mess to begin with.

What's important is to tap into..


-what you need right now
-how to sense your own energetic capacity and needs
-the business strategies and boundaries that will generously support you
-how to renegotiate your boundaries and offers as things change (they always do)

Throughout my own process, I’ve been dedicated to sharing  helpful practices, strategies and tips I’ve learned about building a business that supports your needs every single week with my community, The AgenShe Club. (116+ weeks!)

What I discovered is that lots of people are craving a way of doing business that puts their own body, nervous system, and needs first. And the practices I've cultivated make a meaningful difference to both my students and my private 1:1 clients. 

(Spoiler alert: doing more is not the answer.)

6 Sessions
The care you need to realign your business to GENEROUSLY support your nervous system & True needs

These (typically) bi-weekly sessions are the distillation of the best  practices I’ve implemented over the past two years for myself and with my clients.* 

Here’s just a taste of what we'll do together during your time CEO Capacity

– Understand and work with your energetic capacity

-Create (or refine) offers you love to deliver  & a marketing plan that flows with ease

-Clarify your vision for your business & the team you want to support you

-Build the connections you need to profitably shift your niche or offers

-Lay down authentic & supportive boundaries in your business policies

-Stop overworking

-Discover low-energy ways to expand your revenue so that you are generously supported


*Flexible timelines to respond to your physical and mental health, caregiving demands, and lifestyle needs are always available. I don't believe that the typical rigidly scheduled coaching containers are the best fit for most of my clients. 3 months is the suggested pace to begin with, and we can attune to your needs from there.


  • 6 1:1 sessions
  • Elegant client dashboard
  • Recordings and transcripts of all calls
  • Voxer access between sessions during my weekly office hours (my weekly Voxer structure  gives you a space to drop questions 24/7, while having enough space between responses to lean into your own intuition and preferences). 

now accepting

reservations for fall & winter 2021


How do I get started?
Apply here. 

If I think my coaching can meet your current needs, you'll have the option to begin in the manner of your choosing. Either:

  1. A 20 minute complimentary consultation via Zoom


  2. Booking your first full coaching session for $555 (regularly $888) credited towards your package if you move forward. Note: this is for you if you know you need tending, strategy, care, and some answers before you make your decision. We'll go deep from the start.

Is my business ready for this?

Your business is ready for this when you want this. I’ve had coaching clients get amazing results as first-time entrepreneurs, seasoned business owners with many years and multiple brands behind them, and everything in between.

What’s essential is that you (1) know that something needs to change in order for your business to be sustainable and satisfying (2) you’re ready to transform the patterns of overwork (and overwhelm?) that aren’t working for you anymore.

Will you teach me new marketing strategies?

As a private coaching client, you have my brain on tap… no questions is off limits and I don’t keep any strategies or “trade secrets” to myself (client information is always confidential—but the strategies I use are at your disposal). In the process of reshaping the way you do business, I’m available to help you find new ways of communicating your message and connecting with your ideal clients. Making sure your business supports you well isn't just about your physical energy—it's also about making sure you are generously supported financially!

How often will we meet?

Sessions are typically available weekly, with the exception of a 3 week winter holiday break and short closures for holidays and launches.

Most clients choose to begin by booking their 6 sessions over a 12-week period, adapting as their needs change. You are welcome to book at any pacing that feels right for you (one client liked to do 2 sessions a week, while another waited for a month between sessions to integrate!). 

Do note that Voxer access is limited to 12 weeks, although the weeks do not have to be consecutive.

What kinds of results should I expect?

What kinds of results do you want? I can’t promise any specific result. This is a fully co-collaborative space. I will meet you where you are at and coach you into a more expansive way of engaging in and marketing your business…

It’s up to you to decide what you’ll do with that opportunity. What I can promise you is that I’m not interested in herding you through some rigid framework. We’ll linger where you need extra care, and move swiftly where you are inspired.

Some of my clients have…

-Signed their *dream* client at higher rates than they’d ever dreamed of charging

-Avoided impending burnout by thoughtfully growing their team, revising their offer stack, and creating a more pleasurable + human-paced business plan

-Gained new confidence in their skills and released their attachment to perfectionism, allowing them to go after their dream job and negotiate a salary that was many 5-figures over their baseline

-Gone from countless trial and error offers to a streamlined, completely aligned offer stack that meets their revenue goals in a fraction of the time

…and so much more. Your story will be your own!

What's the investment?

For this round of CEO Capacity, the investment is $3333 for 3 months. No-fee payment plans are available beginning at $1111 per month. 

"Every dollar invested with you has come back to me tenfold and I am so thankful for your expertise and generosity with information."

-Gina Leo, Professional Organizer