Instagram Without Anxiety

"I already know everything I need to do this."

That’s what one of the students in our live Instagram class said to me. And it made me smile a million-watt smile. Sure, I know that some experts are all greedy with their knowledge, and they like to act like they’ve found the secret map that no one else knows about.

It isn’t real, babe.

The basics of growing your business aren’t magic or secret: Own your skills. Show up. Be a good human. Rinse and repeat.

But sometimes, there are tips and hacks that can make getting to where you want to go easier.  That’s what our new Grow With Ease series of classes are all about.

The truth is, none of this marketing stuff is an emergency. It’s not a crisis, a reflection of your worthiness, or an indication of your talent.

It’s a skill.

One that my team and I have spent over a decade honing. That’s right. While you were out there successfully planning wedding after wedding for dreamy brides, getting better each time, or growing your organizing business from nothing into a stunning franchise…

…I was over here learning to persuade people to give you money for your dreams.

And I got good at it.

Really good, to be honest.

I can build your Instagram quickly, or write the emails that get you booked out.

But even more importantly, I can show you the behind the scenes, real-world stuff it takes to grow a successful luxury service business.

(Last year alone, I worked with 64 luxury service providers 1:1… that doesn’t even count our Masterminds, online course, and group trainings!)

So when I can hop into a live class and see my students beaming with pride realizing that they already know the basics, they just needed an instruction manual and bit of direction… Babe, I get excited.

Growing your business should not fill you with anxiety.

How to grow your luxury service business Instagram account without anxiety or overwhelm

So if you’re feeling stagnant or overwhelmed…
…or if you’ve ever laid awake at night thinking gosh, how does everyone else do this and make it look so easy… 

I’m opening up my entire bag of tricks for launching and growing your Instagram.

You won’t find a secret handshake (there isn’t one, for life or Instagram).

You won’t find a plan for making a million dollars over night (there isn’t one of those, either).

What you will find are real, proven strategies and tools you can use to create a following who loves to buy from you.

If you’re into follows for follows, or vanity metrics this is not the class for you.

This is only for women ready to show up, own their expertise, and learn the tools they need to connect with clients ready to give them $$$.

If you couldn’t join us live for the class (we only open up 6 seats at a time to give plenty of room for Q+A), you can get the replay + full slide deck here.

In it, I show you the actual skills and tools I use every day with my social media clients… I love to give away everything I know. Seriously, babe, it lights me up! From where I get my images to how I find the best hashtags for my clients, to what metrics you should really care about (hint: the spammy “influencers” are doing it wrong)—you’ll have all of my knowledge in your back pocket!

Now, I want to know 👉 What’s your Instagram handle, and when did you launch? Share so we can all support each other!


Cheers to growing businesses without anxiety! 

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