The done-for-you sales copy experience for brilliant experts who refuse to be overlooked.

The done-for-you sales copy experience for brilliant experts who refuse to be overlooked.

Step into The Sales Page Expert's office for one 90-minute conversation, and watch your highly-specialized expertise transform into irresistibly persuasive sales assets, delivered on a (digital) silver platter. 

Did I mention said platter arrives in just 10 days?

Space is limited to 4 clients at the debut pricing of $3500 for fall and winter 2022. Apply to reserve while still available.

You and your expertise work so beautifully with people like me who are experts in their field. Hearing you talk about my work in these words—that are more powerful than I could ever come up with—makes me feel like you get it. Like you understand the real power of my work.
Parijat Deshpande
Trauma-Informed Health Strategist
"You and your expertise work so beautifully with people who are experts in their field. After hearing you talk about my work in these words (that are really way more powerful than I could ever come up with), it makes me feel like you get it. Like you understand the power of my work. And you're not trying to change the way that I work which is what happens with a lot of marketers. I've worked with a lot of people where they're like "Well don't talk about it like that because of [whatever reason]. Turn it this way." But if you turn it that way, suddenly you're not talking about the same thing. It's only slightly different, but it's different enough that you're now suddenly like this is not the same thing. And it matters."
Parijat Deshpande
Trauma-Informed Health Strategist



But for many Very Smart and Under-Appreciated Experts™️ (😉 that's you) getting results is what you are complete magic at.

Being your own best sales team? Not your thing.

(And even on the days when you can do it… crafting headlines and combing through research for just. the. right. phrase. that will have your people opening their wallets is definitely not how you want to be spending your precious time).

The Sales Page Expert was made precisely for you. 

My personal expertise is

seeing your brilliance

understanding your process


translating it into your client's SALES language

here's how

DAY No. 1

ready to market intensive

90 minute 1:1 session with Hunter to take your Very Smart Expertise and uncover the irresistibly clear, invitingly expensive, and inimitably YOU messaging that will have people saying shut-up-and-take-my-money. Then we'll establish the sales strategy you'll use to seal the deal so you capture all the best-fit clients coming to visit. (Important!)

Your package includes the copy for the core sales asset identified during this intensive, typically your client application or checkout page. 

Every magical insight will be distilled into  The Exquisite Factor Guide™️ containing your offer's Positioning Statement, Core Promise, and Sales Strategy for use across marketing channels.

Ready to Market Intensives take place on select Mondays


DayS no. 2-4

behind closed doors, YOUR sALES PAGE + sales asset copy are EXPERTLY CRAFTED TO CALL IN YOUR PREMIUM CLIENTELE

I go to work using my expertise. I'll untangle the vague bits, uncover the promises and motivations that are true to your work and compelling to your clients, and put it all together in a sales page that sounds effortlessly you.

Well, effortlessly like your Sales Slaying alter-ego. The one with your brain, your voice, and the exact language to confidently speak directly to your ready to invest clients. 

You'll receive the copy for one sales page, and the copy for one additional asset agreed upon during our intensive (typically your application or checkout page).




The moment you've all been waiting for, so open the curtain!

Your sales copy is delivered with a full video walkthrough to guide you through the copy choices, messaging strategy, and best practices for bringing your sales page into the world.  (All delivered in a GoogleDoc for ease of reviewing!)


DAYS NO. 6-9


Spend 4 leisurely days familiarizing yourself with your copy, trying out your new language and messaging (letting the words fall off your tongue out loud for the first time is my favorite moment).

If you have any questions, comments, or tweaks you'd like to request, you can do so with the Comments function right in the Google Doc. 

There—everything exactly the way you wanted.


DAY NO. 10

that's a wrap

With every line polished to perfection and ready for launch, our time together is done! 

We all know

PORK CHOPS AREn'T the same as pork roast.

but by the time the marketing pros are done "tweaking" yoUR MESSAGE, what they're describing is about as similar to your work as oscar meyer is to farm raised filet mignon.

Of course you want more clients, revenue, and reach.

But not at the expense of the integrity of your work.

Too often, my clients are met by marketing pros who ask them to change the way they talk about their work until what's left is something different entirely.

I call that a failure of imagination.

With The Sales Page Expert I'm bringing my expertise in teasing out the truly compelling parts of your work, honing them into the language your ideal clients speak, and packaging it all in a strategic, sales-oriented way that drives action without compromising your authenticity.

It's the exact expertise my private coaching and consulting clients take advantage of every day. In fact, I'm using it right now.

Your turn?

I'm Hunter, And i'm your sales page expert

Cancer ☀️, Taurus 🌙, an audacious amount of Leo everywhere else of course.  I got my first gig writing copy for a high-end online trend forecasting firm in 2008. I'm pretty sure that makes me a veritable matron of the online biz world.

Since then, I've been crafting sales strategies and assets for luxury brands that get premium results like the assets they are. 

My clients have had private practices, luxury product lines, high-ticket coaching programs, vibrant memberships, and everything in between.

What they have in common is providing premium results using their unique expertise.

And this year I kept hearing the most brilliant, brainy, strategic entrepreneurs say that no matter what they do they just can't talk about their Very Important and Very  Sellable offers in a way that gets prospects to take notice (and spend cash).

It was time to dust off my Pilot P-700 pen, crack open a fresh notebook, and let you get my actual done-for-you sales writing.

…My VIP Day and coaching clients know the magic of a single intensive conversation.  That's all it takes to untangle the threads of your most potent, persuasive message. By the end, I'll be crafting cash-generating sales copy that speaks to the truth of who you are, what you do, and what it can really promise your people.

Here's what one of my clients recently voice memoed me:

"Like I hope you're aware that there are things that you say that I can tell are just so obvious to you... but you never come across like duhhh. No, it's never judgmental in any way. But it's so it's like so easy to you that it  blows my mind. And I'm like, oh, that's a really great way to say that. I would never have thought about it like that. NEVER. Give me 10 years and I probably would never have come up with that way of saying it."

A very happy expert who can finally explain what what she does and why clients need it *now*


The Sales Page Expert delivers the copy for one irresistible long form sales page and your most important sales asset in just 10 days.

(don't worry, I'll help you define your sales strategy and identify your most important sales asset)

It all begins with the Ready to Market intensive so that you can be confident that the copy you're investing in? 

It's actually promoting the most dialed in, potent, unmissable version of your offer.

These are sales assets you can leverage for the life of your offers. Investing in quality is how you get dividends in time, energy, and premium client connections.

What a few of my sales page clients have to say...


Debut pricing

limited to 4 reservations
  • 90-minute Ready to Market Intensive with The Exquisite Factor Guide™️ and your sales strategy outline
  • Custom Sales Page Copy
  • Custom Sales Asset Copy (application, checkout, etc.)
  • Effortless (even fun!) review and revision process
  • Process completed from start to finish in 10 days
now open

My process is not only faster than a speeding bullet, but smoother than silk. My message is on brand, consistent and dang, I am able to book more biz. Does life with you get any better?!


Questions you might have...

Well, do you know your offer is brilliant, that your results are good—but your sales numbers and conversations don't reflect that?

Do you wish someone could take your magic and translate it into words your best clients understand—without changing the meaning?

Is there a sales page  + application you want someone to serve you on a silver platter so you just don't gotta? 

Pretty great clues. 

Oh, and when you fill out the application I'll automagically point you in the best direction for your business model and offer—even if that's not to me. 

It'll take you about 15 minutes to gather your thoughts and share them with me in the intake form and complete your reservation.

Then you'll step into my digital office for a 90-minute conversation I'll use to tease out your magic, irresistible core promise, and the messaging you've been looking for.  Sit back until reveal day, it's all done for you! 

That's the time investment.

Financially, this service is $3500 for the first 4 bookings. I'm going to serve your sales page and core sales asset copy to you on a silver platter! Custom payment plans are available upon request. You can indicate your interest during your application.

The Sales Page Expert's kickoff intensives are scheduled on Mondays for nice and clean deadlines (so fresh, so nice). You'll get your sales copy on a (digital) silver platter complete with video walkthrough on Friday. 

Take a few days to get cozy with it, and we'll be completely buttoned up and done by the following Wednesday.

Currently booking for Monday intensives in September, October, November, and January.

Yep, since 2008. And while my fountain pen hasn't been for hire to the general public for a bit, I've been whipping up sales copy for myself and my brainy, brilliant private clients ever since. 

I've honed my process very carefully to make it buttery smooth for both of us. 

Monday we have our intensive to make sure your offer messaging is perfectly dialed in.

Friday, I'll send you over your sales page and core sales asset (typically your application or checkout page) copy, with a video walkthrough that will guide you through the key messaging, layout suggestions, and exactly why I've messaged things the way I have.

You deserve to understand your sales strategy and how your copy is supporting it. That's exactly what your video guide will do.

Then, you have 4 days to add any final requests, embellishments, or comments to our Google Doc before I do the final polish and send over your ready for launch copy! 

Well, that's not a question, but I do understand the sentiment. 

You might be interested in The Sales Page Expert Refresh—a full recorded video audit of your sales page and sales process, followed by my complete polish + revamp of your sales page copy. You get the updated copy in a Google Doc so you can copy + paste. This is for existing sales pages for validated offers, only. You can learn more here.