The course to take your luxurious service-based business online with a delicious virtual offer—in just 4 weeks


It feels SOOO good to be successful at the techy parts—and you made it really easy! Even better, you helped me realize that what I do helps people, that I'm changing the world of weddings for the better for so many people,
and that I have every right to be here and to charge for it.

—Carrie-Ann Kloda, Kith & Kin Weddings


What would be possible for your business if you… 

  • Had a clear framework for turning your ideas into an irresistible product
  • Understood the 5 essential virtual offer types, and knew which one was best for packaging and delivering your virtual offer
  • Could look at top performing virtual offers and customize their strategies for yourself
  • Created an online offer that supports your offline brand goals
  • Knew how to price your offer confidently—without selling yourself short
  • Had access to a professional template library for your sales page and promotional emails
  • Designed a VIP Upsell to help you hit your dreamy business goals


“This course forced me to put my money where my mouth is. The tools you gave us for launching are INVALUABLE. That marketing advice? Amazing. THAT and the access to you were GAME CHANGING.”

—Chloé Nwangwu, Nobiworks

Ready to embrace that possibility and create something simple, scalable, and strategic?


You've excelled at creating an in-person business, or a high-touch consulting offer. But figuring out what's next? A total nightmare so far.

I’m Hunter Niland Welling, expert marketing consultant for luxury service-based businesses who want to get—and stay—booked out with premium clients.

I’ve spent 12+ years carefully honing strategies that work. Now, I’m helping you take your luxury business online so that you can thrive in any situation.

This is your chance to open up limitless possibilities—and clientele—for your business. Consider your delicious offer designed.

Look inside Delicious Virtual Offer, where you’ll get…

Easy to implement framework to take you from design to sales

  • Week 1: Know Your Magic
    A deep dive into your existing brand, audience, and assets so that you can leverage what you're already known for. You'll get new insights into what makes your work special, why your clients buy from you, and what expertise you can bring to your virtual offer. 

  • Week 2: Define Your Offer
    You'll go from blank slate to knowing exactly what you're selling in this module. Learn the constraints affecting your ideal clients and how to use them to create an offer they are excited to buy. You'll end the week with a clear vision of the offer you're building.

  • Week 3: The Process
    If you're new to the world of virtual offers, or tech gives you the scaries this module is for you. Click by click tutorials will guide you through the tech aspect of creating your 1:1 intensive, group coaching, lightweight membership, or digital download. 25+ students with no technical background have used these tutorials to build and launch their offer in 4 weeks. 

  • Week 4: From Idea to Sold Out
    Create a launch plan for your offer's debut. You'll get effective strategies for borrowing audiences, getting organic traffic, promoting on social, and writing your sales page. You even get my sales page template—and yes, it's. the template I'm using for this sales page and for most of my other offers! (This is a student favorite!)

Bonus Trainings

  • Bonus Module 1: The Lux Touch
  • Bonus Module 2: The VIP Upsell
  • Bonus Module 3: Lazy Girl Launch Plan

Printable Workbook

  • Quickstart guide
  • Weekly exercises to design + launch your offer
  • How to choose the right offer type for your business
    • DIY Course
    • Group Coaching
    • 1:1 Intensives
    • Lightweight Membership
    • Digital Downloads
  • Recommended tools
  • Bonus resources

Tutorials & Templates

  • Screenshare videos to guide you through the technical setup process for each of the 5 key offer types
  • Plug and play sales page template
  • Delivery email templates
  • 3 email promotional sequence template


  • Lifetime access to all course content
  • Optional VIP Upgrade: choose this to get 4 weeks of 1:1 Voxer support as you create and launch your virtual offer.
  • New! Private podcast feed of trainings for on the go learning
Copywriter and marketing strategist for service brands Hunter Niland Welling


Cat mom + plant mom + human mom (+ and now dog mom thanks to our global pepperoni rescue pup). Cancer sun, Libra rising, and creatrix of high-end service based businesses that have been serving clients since 2014.

Before I started The AgenShe, I was a professional organizer. I created a business giving high-touch service to clients in their homes. 

Then, when I launched The AgenShe, I exclusively served luxury service providers who ran their businesses offline. It was my job to help them figure out how to market themselves effectively to the online world.

After spending 5 years helping hundreds of the best pro organizers, interior designers, and wedding planners in the world do exactly that, 2020 happened. 

My clients needed to create online revenue streams that would allow them to bring in revenue no matter what was happening in the world…

But if your clients come to you for luxurious, done-for-you services, throwing a course together and putting it on your website isn't going to do much of anything.

That's why I developed Delicious Virtual Offer, a course that has successfully helped some of the best in-person service providers and high-touch online consultants create and launch their own virtual offer—without diluting their brand or wasting time selling to the wrong people.

In Delicious Virtual Offer, I’ll help you eliminate mental clutter and information/possibility overwhelm  so that you can create and launch a gorgeous virtual offer in just 4 weeks.


“I just launched my program this morning and I already had 4 women purchase—and 2 more are in process! Before taking your course I knew I could do great things with my business online, but figuring out how to integrate the technical details and market it had held me back. Now I have a program I can sell over and over again and you made it easy to understand.”

—Kandy Negus, Order Your Space

Your questions, answered

You'll get instant access to all course materials and resources. It's a mix of workbook + recorded video trainings + click-by-click screenshare tutorials. The course was designed as a 4 week intensive and I encourage you to stick to that pace—no procrastinating (you deserve to start making money!) and no binging it in 3 days (you deserve to rest + integrate what you've learned).

A private podcast version of all core trainings (not tech tutorials) is available for those who want to learn on the go.

Absolutely, babe! I designed this course specifically for you! It will help you launch your first online offer quickly—we're talking within 4 weeks. You do not need to have any previous online business experience or offers to get started.

Not a question, but I feel you. That’s why each of the 5 offer types I’ll teach you about can be executed with $50 or less of monthly software subscriptions, and are extremely simple to create. No Kajabi or complicated funnel setups required! If you know how to accept credit card payments and send a marketing email, you have the skills required. Plus, I’ve created click-by-click screenshare videos of myself setting up each offer type so that you have a customized tutorial for your offer.

Panicking energy is really counterproductive, and we’re going to do a lot of work in the beginning to set clear intentions and shift your mindset into a positive space (I made this course when my students had EVERY reasy to panic—and we still worked through it). If you’re committed to panicking and creating an offer out of sheer desperation, this isn’t the course for you. The course is set up for you to design and launch your offer in 4 weeks. However, that all depends on how willing you are to put in the work, show up for yourself, and get things done! Plus, there's so many factors that go into a successful launch, and we all need to iterate and grow as we go.

If you currently offer high-touch, done-for-you services (either in-person or as an online consultant or service provider) and you want to create an online revenue stream without wasting time or damaging your lux brand—this is for you.

If you're an experienced course creator, exclusively sell digital or physical products, or an online biz expert this probably isn't the place for you.

This is a self-study course, and it comes with all the resources you need to be successful on your own! However, if you prefer 1:1 support, you can choose to upgrade to VIP Enrollment at checkout.

VIP Enrollment includes 4 weeks of Voxer support to keep you accountable and guide you through the whole process. (That means I'm your coach in your pocket and you can text/voice memo me any time and I'll respond during my 2x/weekly office hours!). 

Note: VIP Enrollment is subject to availability—we close down the option to enroll when fully booked. Clients who purchase in December will get 4 weeks of VIP Access beginning January 5 2022 to accommodate our holiday closings.




  • Lifetime access to all of the trainings
  • 3 Bonus Modules to help you increase your offer's value, launch with ease, and more
  • Private podcast version of all trainings so you can learn on the go
  • Swipes and templates to quickly implement as you go
  • And more!

1 payment of $555

Limited spots! VIP Enrollment

Includes everything in Regular Enrollment, PLUS…

  • 4 weeks of unlimited Voxer coaching (a texting + voice memo app). You message me anytime 24/7, and I respond with sharp coaching and customized strategic advice during my 2x/weekly office hour days! Use this to make sure you get your offer fully ironed out and launched. $1200 value 
  • Just select the VIP Upgrade checkbox during checkout to enroll.
  • This offer is subject to availability (if you can't add it to your cart, books are full!)  Please note: If you select VIP Enrollment during April 2022, your access will begin May 2022. Want to start later? Just send an email to after purchase and we will coordinate your dates. 

1 payment of $1055


Traci Yoshimura is a Facebook Ads Copywriter and marketing expert.

She joined Delicious Virtual Offer with one goal in mind — get the most out of the 4 week Voxer coaching VIP upgrade as possible. And she did.

Rei Miller is the founder of Sakuraa multi-passionate creative, and a manifesting generator.

With Delicious Virtual Offer she created her first course, The Calm Creative: A Simple System to Organize Your Biz Financials.

Chloé is the founder of NobiWorks, a brand strategist + web designer.

She tells you exactly how she used Delicious Virtual Offer to create her own course, The Instagram Playbook.


“I feel strongly that your support and encouragement has really fueled this in me right now. I mean, I've had lofty goals for a while, but didn't plan on some of these things coming to fruition so soon, or even during this crazy time. It really is because of the work that we have done together that has given me the confidence to push past this crazy uncertain time with so much passion and clarity. I would have otherwise been lost through it like (most) everyone else. But instead I feel more confident, clear, and creative than ever before, and I (still) believe strongly that 2020 is my year!” 


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