The AgenShe was established in 2016 as a boutique marketing firm serving luxury service providers (think some of the world's top home organizers, wedding planners, and more). Today, the vision of The AgenShe has expanded to help service providers build businesses that support them generously—both financially and energetically. 

does your business

feel good?

Ever noticed how many entrepreneurs start their business to have control over their time and environment… only to become their own worst boss? Or feel like their company is running their life (and into the ground, at that)?

It's time to change the story. Your story.

Yes, you're going to need some updated business strategies and an elevated approach to marketing that attracts clients you adore (and who are willing to pay, now). 

But more than that, you're going to need updated practices for being with your body, caring for your story, and crafting new business methods that support your energetic capacity.

My work blends my years in the luxury marketing world, sharp business strategy, and gentle somatic practices so that you don't just level up at all costs—you live your dreams and feel good in your bones doing so.

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My lineage of teachers & mind-shapers

My lineage of teachers & mind-shapers

I'm incredibly grateful for the mentors, teachers, coaches, and guides who have shaped me and inform my work. They include: Katherine Sleadd, my trauma-informed life coach who does incredible work with healing our stories. Liz White and her Magnetic Coach training. Erika Lyremark, business and marketing mentor and the woman who helped me create my own Recurring Intensive. Megan Dowd, who has guided me in how to share my own story authentically and well. Sabrina Torres, my go-to social media expert and friend who does authentic social so well. Erika Tebbens, ethical sales expert and wise sounding board for my business moves. Andrea Glik, LCSW, whose work on kink-, queer-, and poly- affirming somatic therapy has given me deep wells to draw from. Nisha Moodley and her teachings on an animist relationship with business. Nanci Schwind who gave me my first copywriting job at her trend forecasting firm. Dr. Laura Eidt whose curiosity-driven teaching and deep compassion taught me how to make ambition humane.

 Tracy Stanger whose teachings and frameworks for doing less but better help me plan my business and life. Benjamin Salazar whose mentorship helped me imagine the possibilities for my creative career. Glennon Doyle, whose books always illuminate new places of myself for me to find. Alison Tedford who has guided me in thinking expansively about my business while navigating chronic and mental illness. Gwendolyn Ren, whose devotion to business as poetry and rest as medicine shapes my practices. Carmen Spagnola, a wise mentor and educator I turn to for strengthening spiritual practices, trauma awareness, and commitment to ethical business building. Emily Nagoski, PhD, and her work on both burnout and female desire. Marie Kondo—because the philosophy of spark joy isn't limited to the home. And of course—Martha Stewart. I just might be her when I grow up. And to the clients, friends, ancestors, authors, and visionaries not listed here: thank you.

30 of my favorite things

1. Decaf Soy lattes, extra hot 
2. Red lipstick
3. The smell of old book shops
4. Silk sleep masks
5. Wandering  through Spanish villages
6. Greek tragedies
7. Neon lights
8. Turning my phone off
8. Accupressure mats
9. Kate Spade #allthethings
10. Juicy memoirs
11. Trashy television
12. My 19 and 4 year old cats
13. And my slobbery dog
14. Don't forget my humans—Little Babe and Mr. Babe
15. Radiolab

16. Vermilion red
17. Capsule wardrobes
18. Interior Design magazines
19. Thanksgiving Square in Dallas
20. Napping in the sunshine
21. New Orleans
22. Nalgene water bottles
23. Fresh notebooks
24. Pilot P-700 Pens
25. Penny Loafers
26. Fried chicken
27. Lake days
28. 10+ hours of sleep
29. Therapy
30. Chatting with you on Instagram @theagenshe

let's keep in touch.