Feeling overwhelmed while growing your business? We help successful women scale—without anxiety.



There are not enough characters to express the value Hunter’s services provide. Her expertise saved me so much time and money!

— Sharyl M.


  • 6o minutes of 1:1 coaching for service-based business owners

  • get priority access to solve your biggest problems, so you can earn more revenue with less anxiety

  • focused attention on the aspects of your business that keep you awake at night (welcome back, beauty sleep!)

  • compassionate no-b.s. advice to move you forward



  • 6 hours of copywriting + marketing strategy done with you

  • real time creation and editing so that you can launch your next big thing now

  • VIP scheduling

  • conversion-oriented deliverables designed to attract your best customers and scale your business

  • collaborative approach for optimal efficiency

  • ideal for rewriting your website, launching a new course or offering, or creating an email sequence you can feel good about

    INVESTMENT: $897 (save 50%)


  • 90 minute deep-dive video consultation

  • expert recommendations to leverage your existing resources (and turn them into more cash)

  • clear roadmap for your ongoing marketing strategy delivered within 4 business days

  • actionable strategy guide for your internal or external marketing team so they can put the plan into action

  • email support as you implement your next steps

    INVESTMENT: $1297

 Kathleen B.

Kathleen B.


  • 90 minute deep-dive consultation to review your business systems & processes

  • expert recommendations for automating and streamlining your business

  • personalized advice for improving workflows

  • actionable insights into what is (and isn’t) working

    INVESTMENT: $1297


  • 2-3 week observation of your business systems in action

  • complete audit of existing workflows

  • tailored systems recommendations for achieving your business goals

  • guidelines for optimal workflows

  • actionable systems guide for your internal or external staff

    INVESTMENT: starting at $3197


  • outsource y our project management needs, without the complications of an employee

  • complete oversight of your company’s internal and external projects

  • expert, customized systems to increase productivity and customer satisfaction

  • customizable packages based on company size and needs

    INVESTMENT: starting at $2487/month


Get to know us


Hunter Niland Welling
Founder + Marketing Strategist

A marketing professional with 10 years of experience crafting strategies and messaging for growing brands, Hunter founded her own agency in 2016 and rebranded as The AgenShe in 2018.

Fun facts: Spent 4 years studying Ancient Greek literature. Coffee addict. Human mom to 1. Plant mom to 22. Cat mom to 3. Has a pink living room.
Favorite TV Show: The West Wing
Personality type: INTP. Enneagram 6. Ravenclaw.
Superpowers: No-b.s. insights that celebrate your unique greatness while removing the obstacles between you and your goals. Quickly identifying what you should stop doing in order to grow your business with less anxiety. Creating strategies that allow your biz to scale. Googling like it’s an Olympic sport. Writing words that make you serious money

Morgan Mayes
Project Manager

A KanBan expert specializing in systematizing and managing projects for service-based businesses, Morgan joined The AgenShe team in early 2018. Her smart recommendations and hands-on expertise helped The AgenShe increase its revenue by nearly 400% in one quarter.

What she does for you: Systematizes, streamlines, and automates your business. Manages projects from start to finish to increase your client satisfaction and revenue potential, while eliminating overwhelm.
Fun facts: Obsessed with The Bachelor. Was a costume designer in a past life. PNW native living in Texas. Instagram famous for speed-cleaning her home (project, managed).
Favorite TV Show: Parks and Recreation
Personality type: Not into Meyers-Briggs. Enneagram 8. Slytherin.
Superpowers: Making massive goals achievable. Being prepared for every contingency. Creating personalized systems that help business owners increase their revenue.

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