3 website mistakes you can fix today to make more money

As a service-based business, your website is your most valuable (and perhaps only) employee.

It’s out there working for you 24/7, greeting customers and nurturing leads… or not. The good news? If your website isn’t puling its weight, fixing it is within your control. If you’re running Facebook ads and hearing crickets, always pitching and coming up cold, or staring at a dismal Google Analytics dashboard, it’s time to do some crisis-intervention. Fixing these three problem areas will give you the most reward for your efforts (and it’s totally ok to pour a glass of wine while you tackle the problem areas 🍷).

3 website mistakes that cost you money

1. Contact forms that forget this is a first date

 Exhibit A:  cray cray contact form scaring leads away.

Exhibit A: cray cray contact form scaring leads away.

This is the mistake I see most often when creating Marketing Strategy Roadmaps for clients. You work hard to create the perfect brand experience, hire a web designer, set up an ad campaign… and then create a contact form that totally scares all of your leads away.

Action steps for creating a better website contact form:

  • Make as few fields required as possible. The more fields you require, the more friction you’re creating. And that friction has an impact on your bottom line.

  • Please, for the love of god, don’t require an address. This is a first-step get to know you form. Do you give strangers on the internet your home address? I certainly hope not. Don’t ask your leads to give you such vulnerable information. That’s second-date kind of info, y’all.

  • Write a strong, informative heading. What is your contact form for? Is it how they book a free discovery call? Schedule a consultation? Submit media inquiries? What do they get out of submitting it? Make it crystal clear why leads should fill out your form—remember, they just met you!

  • Don’t forget the call to action. Is your call to action button (it probably says “Submit”) easy to find? If you’ve used clever wording, is it still really easy for them to understand what to do? Don’t make it hard for people to connect with you (and, by extension, give you money).

2. Neglecting to add social links

Maybe this one seems obvious to you. Maybe you can’t imagine leaving social links off of your website. However, I do a dozen or so competitor analyses for clients every month, and I cannot tell you how many people don’t list their social media channels on their website.

Seriously guys, sometimes paying attention to the little things can be your way to crush the competition. Make sure you link to all of your active social media channels. 

3. Creating dead ends before a lead gives you money

Like I said, website mistakes can be expensive! Have you ever gone through your website as if you were a client? Is it easy AF for your prospective clients to figure out what to do next? To book a consultation or make a purchase from you? Do you guide them through every page until they’ve handed you $$$? 

If the answer to any of these questions is “No,” it’s time to hit pause on the rest of your marketing efforts and do some website TLC. Make sure to grab a friend to walk through your website with you. After spending hours staring at your own website, it’s easy to miss the gaps (we’ve all done it). A friend will be able to spot where things feel confusing and point out any dead ends that are turning away hot leads. 

And if your friends are tired of combing over your website for you, I’ll be your Biz Therapist for an hour. Click here to book a 1 hour power session to fix all this stuff stat!

Hunter Niland Welling is the Founder and Marketing Strategist behind The AgenShe. She lives in Fort Worth, Texas where she shares a 600 square foot home with her daughter, 3 cats, 21 houseplants, and an unwieldy collection of books. You can follow her on Pinterest here.


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