Are you ready to launch your Facebook ad campaign? (PLUS downloadable checklist!)


Facebook ads are an AMAZING way to grow your business…

…But is your business ready? Over the years, I’ve run dozens of Facebook ad campaigns.
D-O-Z-E-N-S. And I can tell you that without the right prep, your ad campaign is going to be inefficient… Which can translate into losing serious dolla bills.

Use the checklist at the end of this post to find out if your business is ready to launch its first Facebook ad campaign (this is the checklist for businesses in the baby stages). And if it’s not quite there, don’t worry—I’ll help you craft a step-by-step roadmap for your marketing strategy to get up to speed. No stress, girl.

This checklist covers everything you need to think about before you ever launch an ad out into the wild. Depending on where you’re at in your business, some of the steps might seem super basic. But I work with a lot of boss ladies who are starting at square one—you’re just about to take the leap into marketing your business online, and it’s a brand new world. This checklist makes sure you’re covered. 

If you’re a solopreneur or small business who just created your Facebook page from scratch (or you’re thinking about it), the pre-launch checklist will show you where need to focus your attention on before you get started. 

What every solopreneur should do before launching a Facebook ad

You gotta start with the basics. That means launching your page, getting some social proof, and setting up the ad account and Facebook pixel that will make your marketing possible. Oh, and if the words “Facebook pixel” make your blood run cold don’t worry—everything is Googleable! Also, be sure to download this Chrome extension. It will tell you if you’ve correctly installed the pixel on your site. No more guessing!

In my pre-launch checklist, I also include some basic metrics for page likes and posting frequency you’ll want to hit before launching your ad. Why? 

Because people will trust you more when you give them social proof and valuable content.

Can you launch a Facebook ad with a brand new baby page and no content? Sure. 

But think about the last Facebook ad you clicked on. If you’ve never heard of a business before, and you click on their page… only to see 12 followers and 3 posts from 2 months ago, how does that make you feel?

It doesn’t inspire trust.

And inspiring trust is one of the most critical steps in digital marketing. 

It’s also critical to take a serious look at your website. And honestly? Evaluating your own website is super hard to do. I recommend inviting a friend over for coffee, opening it up, and letting them go through it on their own. Watching someone else navigate and interact with your website will open your eyes to the gaps you’ve been missing. 

After staring at your website for hours (and hours, and hours, and hours…), you develop blindspots. It just happens. I’ve done it myself countless times.

A fresh set of eyes will show you where people get lost, and what errors you’ve been missing. Maybe you think it’s super obvious that people should click that button to find your pricing, but no one else even notices it. Or you always visit each nested page on a menu, but your friend isn’t seeing anything but the high-level options. 

Get fresh perspective, learn from it, and implement the changes that need to be made to improve your website before you spend any marketing dollars. 

Don’t let perfectionism get in the way of progress

Look, you want to be prepared, but don’t use this as an excuse to tweak your website for weeks that turn into months. Make the most important changes that help people give you money. The rest can be slowly updated as you go. 

I encourage you take a critical look at your visitors’ experience with your branding and website before launching a campaign for one simple reason: a Facebook ad isn’t going to fix critical problems with the buyer journey on your website. 

If it’s impossible for people to figure out how to give you money via your website, well… it ain’t gonna happen! So many people launch campaigns before they have any idea about what their brand is, or what they want clients to do when they hit their site.

Don’t be that person.

If you aren’t sure if your website provides a clear journey for your clients, get opinions from friends or book a video consultation with a professional to go over your site and marketing to give you with a clear plan of action. This feedback can be a game changer for your business. 

What the pre-launch checklist is… and what it isn’t

Before you hit download, let me be super clear about what’s in this checklist (because giving away your email address is a big-freaking-deal and you don’t have time for anything that’s not useful to you! I’m all about value and zero email clutter, babe)

The pre-launch checklist is

  • The step by step guide I want new business owners to have before they spend any of their hard earned dollars on marketing

  • An overview of some of the biggest mistakes I see new solopreneurs making in their digital marketing

  • Totally beginner friendly

  • Holistic: it includes what you should be looking at on your website and brand before you ever launch a Facebook ad

The pre-launch checklist is not

  • A tutorial for setting up your ad campaign. Say it with me: c-h-e-c-k-l-i-s-t

  • A guide for what makes a good Facebook ad. Say it with me: p-r-e l-a-u-n-c-h

  • A guide for launching a new product or service

This is all about making sure you have the right structure in place before you hand Zuckerberg your money, so that you know you have the best chance for success. Ready to rock this Facebook ad thing? Get the checklist 👉



Hunter Niland Welling is the Founder and Marketing Strategist behind The AgenShe. She lives in Fort Worth, Texas where she shares a 600 square foot home with her daughter, 3 cats, 21 houseplants, and an unwieldy collection of books. You can follow her on Pinterest here.

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