111 Work day year workshop

An interactive workshop on the short work year we're implementing in 2022 to create a thriving environment for our entire team.

Are you ready to imagine a work schedule that allows you and your people to thrive? 

The 111 Work Day Year Workshop explores the experimental work year my team and I are planning, while giving you the research and context that led to creating it so you can strategize your own work year.

While the 5 day / 40-hour work week often feels like an immovable force, it’s actually a temporary human invention… And as culture designing humans, we have the power to change ours.

If you’re interested in adopting a shortened work year, lessening your hours, taking a sabbatical, or simply curious about what it would look like to have more ease in your work—this workshop is for you. 

I’m particularly interested in creating space for us to design companies where we share our thriving with our people (team and clients). It’s not good enough to outsource in order to buy yourself wellbeing if it’s costing your support team theirs. 

I came up with the 111 workday year idea after the first *real* vacation I've taken from entrepreneurship.

Scratch that, it was the first real vacation I’d ever taken in my adult life. In September 2021, my family went to Cape Cod for a week with friends. We were staying in a house on the water built by our friend’s great-great-grandparents, without reliable cell reception or internet access.

For the first time since I started working at 15, I left my laptop at home, turned off all of my apps, and enjoyed a full week of presence disconnected from both my business and the internet.

Even though my life is built around values of boundaries, leisure, and honoring my own capacity, I had never had so much unbroken time away. It was bliss.

And an invitation. 

When I got home, I came across an article comparing our current workload to those of our ancestors. I was stunned to discover that while we have more technology and resources than ever, we’re working more.

My ancestors are largely Irish and Scottish peasants. I couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that I’d created my own business, set my own hours, and spend much of my time talking about the value of taking time to care for yourself…

I work a 4-day workweek and shortened hours…

And yet, I still work more in an average year than my ancestors. (Most studies estimate the average work year was about 150 days, once weekends and long religious + cultural holidays are accounted for). 

I want to know what it’s like to build a business that allows me and my team to work less than my ancestors, while creating a culture that allows us all to thrive as whole humans.

After spending a full month in research mode, then weeks dissecting, color-coding, and evaluating dozens of calendars, I created our 111 work day year.

Want to learn about it for yourself?

Here’s exactly what I cover in this workshop…

  • The history of our current “conventional” work schedule
  • How people have worked throughout history, and what that suggests about our human needs
  • Why we’re doing 111 days + the making of our 2022 work calendar 
  • Different ways you can structure a lightened work year to fit your business
  • The essential steps we’re taking to organize, plan, and prep for 2022
  • What resources I’m bringing to the table that impact how we approach this shortened year (because we do *not* all have the same resources / access to make immediate shifts)
  • A snapshot of the revenue streams I’ll be leaning on in 2022 to fit with our schedule, and how they compare to my current offer stack
  • How we’re leveraging our team to make this possible while creating an equitable experience

The 111 workday year is an experiment (2022 is new, my friends!). My purpose in this workshop is to expand your idea of what’s possible, help you shift the way you’re approaching your time at work and the way you outsource to your team, and give you the research and tools that have helped me create this structure for my business.

At the end, I host an open-ended Q&A session where participants get their specific questions answered, as well as engage in collaborative conversations with fellow attendees.

CEO Capacity will guide you there.

The 111 Work Day Year Workshop

available now

Enroll now to get the video and podcast replays from our live event. The workshop is available for $111 with lifetime access. 

I’m Hunter Niland Welling, serial entrepreneur + marketing coach experimenting with gentler ways of approaching business.

Like many (if not most) entrepreneurs, I created my business because conventional employment doesn’t work for my needs. As an autistic, ADHD, chronically ill, and mentally ill person I’ve never held down a j-o-b for longer than 2 years. 

Inevitably the time off requests to cope with disabling illness, autistic burnout, or my own frustration with how inhospitable the environment was would force me out.

In fact, my relationship with work was so strained that the day I got offered my dream job as the Director of Communications for a respected non-profit here in Dallas, Texas I cried the entire way home.

All I could think about was how burnt out I was, and the effect the fluorescent lights and long commute would have on my already disabling migraines. 

I launched my first proper business as a professional home organizer that month, and then went on to build multiple other businesses over the years including this one, which I got its start in 2015 and rebranded into The AgenShe in 2016.

As the sole income source for my family, it’s always been essential for me to run my businesses in a way that is truly profitable. As a person, it’s essential that I do so in a way that is humane. And as a member of our collective community, it’s essential that I extend that humane treatment to everyone who interacts with my business.

(Anyone else tired of all the well-meaning, progressive folks who wind up becoming their own worst boss 🙋🏼‍♀️ or replicating the systems of harm they’re trying to avoid?)

In 2018 stress from being overworked + out of alignment led to hospitalization and being on bed rest for 6 months as my body struggled to recover from chronic illness.

In the months that followed, I wound up radically reinventing my business— including creating my signature Recurring Intensive business model and adopting a relationship with work that honors my own capacity and needs. I’ve been able to dramatically increase my revenue, hire an employee, and create meaningful work while being far kinder to my body.

There’s still room for creativity and growth, though. And that’s why I’m embarking on this experiment.

I want to find out what my life is like when I spend the majority of my time not working. 

I want to explore what I can contribute to my local community when I have both financial and energetic resources to spare.

I want to see what ripple effects happen when I give my team and clients the same kindness I’m learning to give myself. 

And while I certainly do not have it “all figured out”, I am self-aware enough to know that I’ve invested abundant resources (time, energy, and money) into creating a more humane and sustainable work environment. 

That’s something worth sharing with you. 

If you’re at all interested in disrupting systems of harm with your business, I hope you’ll join me for this conversation + workshop.


How will I access the workshop?

When your purchase the 111 Work Day Year Workshop, you'll   receive an email prompting you to login to the student site, where the workshop replays and resources are be located.

​​Who is this the best fit for?

If you’re a leader in any capacity—perhaps through the role you play as a creator on social media, leading your team, or growing your business—this is for you. I’ll be sharing the calendar, offer stack, and planning that my own team is using to prep my service-based business for 2022. However, the strategies and resources I’ll be sharing are applicable for all businesses. (A fun treat for me, since I usually only get to work with high-end service providers!) 

And because knowing who this *isn't* for is just as important—this isn't a good fit if you want some sort of plug and play system (you’ll need to do some deep thinking + exploration on your end before you implement any changes… this is your jumping off point),  if you are committed to hiring $2/hr support professionals to “scale” your business, or if you’re uninterested in having deep conversations about the meaning of your work + culture creating.

What’s included when I enroll? 

  • Video replay of the workshop and Q & A session originally hosted live
  • Private podcast feed of the workshop
  • Access to the resources I share during the workshop 
  • Workbook to help you examine and design your own shortened 2022 work year

What kind of support can I expect?

The workshop included open ended time for Q&A at the end. We’ll use that space to answer your questions, and engage in conversations as a group. I’m here as a peer-facilitator sharing what I’ve learned… the wisdom and experience each of you bring with you is incredibly valuable and I look forward to you sharing your thoughts and questions with each other!